Wednesday, 18 October 2017

how to recover deleted avchd/MPEG4 files from panasonic camcorder

If you are a Panasonic Camcorder user, you should have this Panasonic camcorder data recovery software.

The Panasonic data recovery software is easy to use, you can recover deleted videos from Panasonic Camcorders. You can recover files such as AVCHD or 50P H.264, SD video or MPEG4, Mpeg4 or Apple Iframe from all Panasonic cameras and camcorders, including 4K & HD Digital Video Cameras.

Here's the steps to recover deleted files from camcorder

Step 1. Connect Panasonic digital camcorder to computer

Step 2. Choose digital camcorder to Scan.
Select digital camera storage detected on the "External Removable Device" and click "Next" to scanning lost files.

Step 3. Recover deleted files from camcorder
After scanning, you can preview recovered files such as Audio, Video and Photos from a Digital camcorder. Click "Recover" to save.

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