Tuesday, 1 March 2016

how to recover deleted mp4 videos from gopro Hero SD card

How to recover deleted GoPro MP4 video files from SD memory cards that will actually work. Very few programs can do this, though many claim they do. I had a gopro hero 4 black last time and accidentally deleted some important files from my gopro action cam. Those videos are so important and I want to recover them.

I searched on Internet and found some gopro data recovery solution. Downloaded some free gopro video recovery software but most of them does not work. I guess you may face the same problem. So here I'd like to share the gopro video recovery tool that worked for me. You can follow this step by step guide.

how to recover data from gopro camera

The video recovery tutorial can recover deleted videos such as mp4 files from all gopro cameras, including GoPro Hero4 Session/Black/Silver, Hero 3, Hero+, Hero+LCD, Hero. Even files are lost after GoPro Hero camera SD card reformat.

Take note that you'd better stop using GoPro Hero camera to prevent new files to be written to GoPro camera, because new files could overwrite the space of deleted files which may make GoPro Video Recovery impossible.

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