Thursday, 20 April 2017

how to recover deleted files from vivo phone

Vivo android phones are more and more popular. You may also hold a Vivo mobile phone. However, you may encounter the problem where your files are deleted from your Vivo phone. So how to recover deleted files from Vivo mobile? Well, first of all, you should stop using Vivo phone. You can then follow the vivo phone data recovery tutorial from link below:

Vivo phone data recovery

The vivo phone data recovery software can recover deleted photos, videos, songs, contacts, messages, whatsapp history, Android app data, and other data from Vivo Android phones, such as Vivo V5, V5 Plus, Y55s, V3, Y51, V5 Lite, Y15, V3Max, Y31, Xplay6, Y35, Y28, Y25, X5Max, X3S, X9 Plus, Y67, Y11, X9, Xplay5.

The video phone can recover not only deleted files from Vivo mobile phone, but also lost files after Vivo phone memory card (SD card, microsd, sdhc, sdxc, sd mini, cf card) reformat.

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